Air Force service prepared Morris Lewis for local entrepreneurship


By Todd Rauch
For the Opelika

Auburn Native and longtime business owner Morris Lewis, owner of Lewis Trucking & Towing in Opelika, is also an Air Force and Vietnam veteran. Morris, who left for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas in July 1969, trained to be a heavy equipment repairman. Upon graduating from Basic Training and AIT, Morris said, “I had the choice of going to either Vietnam or Alaska – I decided to take my chances in Vietnam.” Morris left for Vietnam in January 1970 and lived at the Pleiku Air Force base in the Central Highland of Vietnam until January 1971.
After serving two and a half years in the Air Force, Morris came back to the Auburn-Opelika area and began work as a civilian under the “Manpower Program” which was designed to help veterans transition into civilian life by helping them find jobs. Morris worked in numerous jobs as a wrecker truck driver and service repairman, until he decided to start his own business.
“I realized that every time I came into a new job that my clients would stay with me,” Morris said, “I knew all I needed was three good clients to follow me to start out my business.” He earned those clients and many more throughout the years, starting in January 1979.
Lewis also became a pastor in 1988, which he still enjoys today. Lewis has been married to his wife Wanda for 47 years. They have two children, their son Courtney and daughter Danielle, and three grandchildren named Payton, Lynn and Noah. Wanda and Courtney own Edible Arrangements in Opelika, and Danielle graduated from Harvard Law School, now working as an attorney in Opelika and serving as the CEO of Ms. JD, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of aspiring and early career female lawyers.
Like countless other veterans in the Auburn-Opelika area, Morris has risked his life for the safety and freedom that we cannot forget doesn’t come standard with the stars and stripes. We honor you Morris.
Thank you for your service, and welcome home.


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