A thank you from the Chiefs


Wow, what a great season! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the many people in our community who stepped up and supported their Opelika Chiefs football team.
To our many sponsors, thank you for your support that has allowed this program to expand and grow at a rate greater than we could have ever imagined. Because you believed in the program and the young men involved in it, you gave and you contributed to changing their lives for the better.
From the beginning our mission and goal has been to help young men grow in their community through involvement and to provide them with an opportunity to move to the next level playing the sport they love. We may have lost 17-14 in the APDFL National Championship game Saturday night but we have several players who have been offered the opportunity to move to the next level. As one professional scout told me after the game, “These guys have talent but they also have good character and that is what we are looking for.” I can’t begin to say how proud I am of all our players. We are family.
In two short years the Opelika Chiefs have amassed a record of 23 consecutive wins and two division championships, but most importantly they have become a close family. The encouragement and support they have received from the community has helped strengthened those bonds. I can say, without reservation, that the Opelika Chiefs have the highest caliber players, both in talent and character, and they represent you at the highest level each time they take the field.
I would also like to thank the staff, the coaches, the trainers, the medical staffs, the game day operations crew, the all-important water boys and the many other individuals who have worked behind the scenes to make this season so successful. Never underestimate your importance to this organization and to the young men who gave their all every game.
Last, but certainly not least, thank you to our many fans who have followed this team and given our players the encouragement to dig deep and give that extra effort. I can’t say how thrilling it was Saturday night to look up in the stands and see the sea of orange and black and hear the noise you were making for your team. Our fans have been a strong presence the entire season at both home and away games and the players have responded to it accordingly.
In closing, 2016 has been such an incredible season for the Opelika Chiefs. We have accomplished many of our goals, both on and off the field. Planning has already begun for the 2017 season and we are looking forward to an even more successful year.
Thank you. Go Chiefs and God Bless!
Randy Price, Owner,
Opelika Chiefs


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