A Letter From Santa to the Citizens of Opelika, Visitors During the Holidays



Dear Opelika Citizens and Visitors:

HO HO HO from the North Pole!

I’ve recently been making early rounds to see how much Christmas joy is being spread near and far. As I approached Opelika, I knew it was a special place. The lights and all of the beautiful decorations made my heart fill with excitement and wonder. When I saw the reindeer all over town, I first thought … have my very own flying friends moved to your beautiful city? I hear there are many activities and events planned over the coming weeks, which means there will be a ton of visitors to the downtown area. I don’t blame them. The place was a holly jolly good time!

As I returned home, Mrs. Claus brought to my attention that some of the Christmas decorations in downtown Opelika had been damaged. My heart was shattered knowing people were sitting and climbing on the city’s deer and ornaments all over town.

I need for each of you to do me a huge favor. Please don’t allow your sweet children, teens or heck, maybe even you (the adult), to sit or climb on the decorations. The city elves work hard year after year to turn Opelika into the best Christmas Destination. They put fencing around everything for a reason. They want to keep these items in good condition in order to keep bringing joy and holiday cheer to everyone for years to come. And, the city doesn’t want you to get hurt. Remember, these items are property of the city of Opelika and will be costly to replace. And you might even get in some trouble if you are caught damaging them.

Well I better get going. I have a lot of work to do. Mrs. Claus and I hope you have a truly magical Christmas. Take care of my elves in Opelika and stay off those decorations. I’m watching to see who will go on the naughty or nice list.

Lots of Love,

Santa Claus


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