A history lesson for Mrs. Sikes


Our dear Mrs. Sikes, remember what happend to Dewey in 1948?
It’s time for history to repeat itself once again.
While our headline proudly declares Dewey’s win, this time in the form of the beloved library decimal-

based organizational system continuing its stranglehold over the genealogical section of the Lewis Cooper, Jr., Memorial Library.

By voting 3-1 (due to the abscence of long-serving member Ida Jackson) to retain the Dewey system within the genealogical section, the library board has once again shown its disdain and complete lack of concern for the library patrons they are appointed to allegedly serve.

The members of the Genealogical Society of East Alabama are the primary patrons of Cooper Library’s genealogical section.

They’ve contributed funds to help bulk up the collection (including the newly purchased Seagraves family books, estimated at more than 2,000 volumes).

Heck, Edna Ward, a stalwart GSEA member, even helped carve out the section to begin with, arranging it in a fashion that made sense to her and the other GSEA members: a system devised primarily upon arranging the volumes alphabetically by state, a system which promotes its usefulness to genealogical researchers.


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