A Cliff Note


I suppose this is not so much a column, as it is an attempted explanation for the last few weeks’ lack of columns.

Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t banned from these pages for saying or doing anything controversial, nor was it a phenomenal bout of writer’s block.

“Alien abduction,” “a sudden vacation to the Bermuda Triangle” and “a rehab visit for addiction to stamp adhesive” have also been ruled out as possible causes.

Instead, we made the decision to temporarily pull my column to run the excellent letters to the editor you’ve seen recently, a number of them pertaining to the county’s upcoming fire fee vote.

The issues those citizens wanted to discuss and highlight were important, much more so than my weekly talking at all of you.

I can assure you my column will always be the first one pulled to make room for letters from our community – to make sure this paper remains a voice for the people of this area.

And if I never write another column again because so many of you decide to start pouring in letters every week – so be it.

The opinions of the members of our community are important to us and need an outlet. We came into being, in large part, to serve as your outlet.

You’ve been kind enough to put up with me, but without all of you, we wouldn’t exist, so, please, keep writing. We need your voices, too.


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