A bucket list for the circus


– Enroll my sweet little dog in some sort of obedience school. She is precious and I’m sure she loves me but she is a bolt of lightning if ever a door is left open. My heart won’t make it through many more of these events. I’m afraid one of us is going to get hit by a car. Judging from the last time, when I found myself in the middle of the street in my pajamas trying to stop morning school traffic, it just might be me.

– Visit New York. I wanted to do this for my 50th birthday, but I ended up having surgery (not a very good trade). As a matter of fact, we are planning to take the family to NYC in March, to see the sights of course, but also to catch the new Broadway show, “Newsies.”

– Go back to Zumba. I have missed it.

– Occasionally drink coffee that doesn’t have flavorings and whipped cream on the top, which in itself causes the need for Zumba.

– Write that book I keep thinking about (this one will probably not really happen, but if I don’t get started the world might really end without me at least giving it a try).


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