By Shawn Kirkpatrick
Opelika Observer

Education across the county just took a big step into the future for students learning a foreign language.
Last Tuesday, the Lee County Board of Education (LCBE) members approved using money from the local adoption of textbooks from a state-adopted list on foreign language textbooks toward digital books instead of hard copies.
“We are moving toward digital textbooks, moving in that direction. The state allows us to use textbook money for that purpose,” said LCBE Superintendent Dr. James “Mac” McCoy.
“This was a big leap for Lee County. I’m excited about that.”
McCoy explained there will be some hard copy books, but the majority will be digital. “Every child will have access to it. The students don’t have to have the internet at home. Everything can be downloaded into their Chromebook.”
In other business, the board:
-heard the results of a recent evaluation survey of the superintendent
-approved to award the paint bid to the lowest bidder, Sherwin Williams, for the amount of $10,534.95
-approved Amendment 1 of the 2017-2018 Annual Budget
-approved 23 out-of-state/overnight field trips for several elementary and high schools across the county.